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Property investment the pain free way


Your rental property / portfolio needn't be a source of worry or stress, whether it’s one property or one hundred.


Guaranteed rent by Earnest Knight Asset Management takes all of the daily worries, hassle and stress out of being a landlord


  • No voids or loss of income. Just guaranteed fixed monthly rent, for up to 5 years!
  • No commission or management fees to pay
  • No more unexpected costly or inconvenient telephone calls from tenants
  • Whether it’s one property or one hundred




  • No more headaches. Your legal and administrative work all handled by our asset management team
  • No more hours lost dealing with viewings and letting
  • Earnest Knight Asset Management team is on hand to deal with any maintenance issues



Close your eyes and imagine this: You hand your property over to a management company which not only guarantees to pay you rent - even if the property is empty - but deals directly with the tenants and takes care of all the maintenance. Best of all, it doesn't cost you a penny. No commission, no fees, nothing. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not!

Earnest Knight Asset Management offer to rent for 12 months to 5 years at a fixed price, regardless of whether we find tenants, and we will maintain the property.

Earnest Knight Asset Management will take care of the inventory and check-in and check-out reports and at the end of the lease we would return the property to you in the same condition or better than we received it in as we often spend money making enhancements at no extra cost to you!

We are mostly greeted with the initial response. Where's the catch? This seems too good to be true! How do you make any money?

Simple, we generally sub-let the properties at a premium due to the enhancements we pay for. What would potentially be too much hassle for you or hold too much risk for you is what we do successfully, so we can offer you a guaranteed rent. This doesn't mean we will offer you a low rental amount either.


We rent to a variety of professionals, companies, local councils, the Home Office or maybe to an insurance company to provide emergency housing for policyholders while their own homes are being repaired. Our industry links enable us to quickly fill property and ensure zero to minimal voids in ways most landlords will not even dream of.


Earnest Knight Asset Management invite you to put your feet up, life's about to get a whole lot easier. Imagine signing over your property, which we could be prepared to offer up to a five-year lease on, and not having to think about it again until 2022!


1.  A guaranteed rental income on time, every month

2. You still get paid even if the property is empty

3. You get paid even if the rent is late or isn't paid at all

4. No set up fees, monthly commissions or hidden extras

5. We deal with all the tenant's queries, questions and complaints

6. A guaranteed contract start date so you have no worries about how long it will take to find a tenant

7. If ever needed, we cover the court costs & the eviction process 

8. Regular property inspections and maintenance management

9. Internal condition guaranteed over and above fair wear and tear, up to one and half months' rent


The clarity in the Earnest Knight Asset Management contract provides all the assurances you would look for from the list above.


Call 0208 6109 472 today to discuss how we can guarantee your income till 2022.



Earnest Knight Asset Management can help improve your property:

Maximizing your asset by professionals who treat every home like their own.

Earnest Knight Asset Management can maintain your property:

No matter if it is a leaky tap or a leaky roof we are always there to get it fixed.

Earnest Knight Asset Management can furnish your property:

We want the optimum property so we can repaint or fully refurbish to make it great.

Earnest Knight Asset Management will always fill your property:

We use every contact, resource and technique at our disposal to ensure it is let.

Selling? Earnest Knight Asset Management want to save you fees and commissions:

If you are thinking of cashing out of a property or portfolio we want to talk to you about buying your property.

Call 0208 6109 472


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