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18 years of BTL returns - Good, Great & Astounding


A report has been created and released by The Wriglesworth Consultancy in association with Paragon on the returns from BTL over the past 18 years. This is not the most productive period in property history for returns and you will still find the results impressive.


Good - Cash only


A straight cash property purchase in 1996 would have seen every £1,000 invested grow to £4,791 by the end of 2013.

This equates to a good compound annual return of 9.7%.


Great - Geared / Leveraged


If you used other peoples money and gained a 75% LTV mortgage from the bank, for every £1,000 invested in 1996 would have been worth £13,048 by the end of 2013.

This equates to a great compound annual return of 16.3%.


Astounding - Highly Geared / Leveraged


An investor who massaged the situation for optimum gain by remortgageing to release equity and expanding their portfolio more quickly would have turned each £1,000 into an astounding £33,051.

This equates to an astonishing compound annual return well in excess of 20%.


For more information on this and the comparables to other investment classes or to learn more about how to create these returns for your self get in touch with Earnest Knight today.



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