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Property Investors Focus Head North


One of the influencing factors that Investors consider when looking for the optimal property investment is the exit strategy or ease of sale.

Given the recent tightening of mortgage checks on affordability the price to local earnings ratio is more important than ever to consider.

This has a two fold impact as the lower the ratio the more affordable property is making it easier to exit. It also suggests there is more room for capital growth in these areas which is the major of the two returns made from a property investment.

Lloyds Banking Group produced an Affordable Cities Review recently that showed the north-south divide still remains.*

The top 15 most affordable cities are in the north of the UK and the next five are in the Midlands and Wales.

17 of the top 20 least affordable cities are all in southern England.

This amongst other reasons have seen the attention of investors, especially those heavily invested in the south, look to the north to enhance and protect their returns and the flexibility of their portfolios as a whole.

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