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The collective wealth of Britain’s richest people has more than doubled in the last 10 years, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

The one common denominator amongst the majority of those who dominate the Sunday Times Rich List;


Some in the rich list, like the current No.5, make their money directly from residential property, either by itself or more typically as part of a structured balanced portfolio as their portfolio grows.

Some individuals, like Len Blavatnik (number one, an investment, music and media magnate worth £13.17 billion) merely own very expensive homes. For example a £41m Kensington Palace Gardens property, to name just one of a real estate portfolio which adds up to £440m.

Amongst the many highest ranking property-related names are the following 10 you may recognise:

  1. The Duke of Westminster (worth £8.56 billion) who owns the Grosvenor family estate, dating from 1677 part of which forms some of Mayfair
  2. Earl Cadogan (worth £4.8 billion) who owns the Cadogan estate in London
  3. Sir James Dyson (worth £3.5 billion) who is buying up land so fast he now owns more than the Queen
  4. Baroness Howard de Walden (worth £3.23 billion) who owns 90 acres of central London and much of the residential property on it
  5. Mark Pears and family (worth £2.8 billion) who owns thousands of London homes, flats and office blocks
  6. Viscount Portman (worth £1.72 billion) who owns a London estate, plus 5,000 acres in the Home Counties
  7. Jon Hunt (worth £1.186 billion), best known as the former owner of Foxtons, has a Suffolk estate and substantial amounts of commercial property
  8. David Wilson and family (worth £515m) who have sold Wilson-Bowden house builders to Barratt
  9. Tony Pidgley (worth £212m) owns Berkeley Group, one of the biggest names in British house building
  10. Paul Rooney (worth £110m) owner of Arun Estates residential agency


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