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BREAKING NEWS from the UK Property Market

Article:           “Booming buy-to-let puts £112bn in pockets of British landlords”

Published:       Thursday, May 28th 2015

Source:           THE GUARDIAN



Rental income is worth almost £4bn a month nationwide as the sector’s popularity for investment continues to increase, locking out first-time buyers.


British landlords earned £112bn from capital gains and rental income last year, in the latest example of the booming buy-to-let market.


A report by mortgage lender Kent Reliance shows landlords made £67.2bn in capital gains, and £44.3bn from rent in the year to March 2015. The combined total represented an increase of £5.8bn on the same period a year ago.


New rules on pensions in force since April 2015 are likely to see more money come in to the sector. They give retirees freedom to spend their retirement pot as they wish, with some savers expected to buy property in the hope that the investment will provide income from rental payments.


Kent Reliance forecasts that by 2020 the total number of rented homes will have soared from 4.8m currently to 5.5m, representing about one in five households."

Article:           “The buy-to-let years: How ordinary people have turned every £1,000 invested in 1996 into more than £13,000 today”

Published:       Tuesday, April 28th 2015

Source:           THIS IS MONEY



Landlords who 'gear' portfolios with extra borrowing have done the best

Benevolent conditions since introduction of landlord mortgages have helped returns soar


Long-standing buy-to-let landlords have seen a typical return on their money of 1,200 per cent in 18 years - with those who 'geared' their investments with mortgage borrowing walking away with the most.

A combination of cheap mortgages, soaring house prices and a market that has advantaged equity-rich landlords versus first-time buyers has seen the returns on rental properties outstrip most alternative asset classes, according to a study of the sector.

The startling returns pocketed by landlords who invested in their properties when the first dedicated buy-to-let mortgages emerged in 1996 have been revealed in research by lender Paragon.


The study, published today by former economist Rob Thomas, found that landlord returns outstripped the earnings from investments in cash, stocks and shares and commercial property. In the same time-frame, commercial property investments turned £1 into £4.49The analysis shows every £1,000 invested in an average buy-to-let property in the final quarter of 1996 would have been worth £13,048 by the final quarter of 2013.

Over the same period you would have got 7.9 per cent from commercial property, 6.8 per cent in shares, 6.5 per cent in bonds and 4 per cent in cash."


Article:           “Buy-to-let returns beat all other mainstream investments”

Published:       Saturday, April 11th 2015

Source:           THE TELEGRAPH



Every £1 poured into buy-to-let in 1996 is now worth £15 – outperforming cash, bonds and shares over the same period, a new market study suggests.


Buy-to-let investments have outperformed all major asset classes over the past 18 years, according to a study of the sector.

As well as reflecting property price growth over the period, the data highlights the effect of borrowing - or "gearing" - which has hugely magnified total returns.

Every £1 invested in buy-to-let is now worth £14.90, if investors put down a deposit of 25pc and borrowed the rest via buy-to-let mortgages. These specialist loans first became available in 1996, the point from which performance is calculated.

This has produced net annual returns 16.2pc over the past 18 years, compared with 6.5pc if the same amount was put into the stock market.

Cash buyers who poured money into buy-to-let 18 years ago have now turned £1 into £5.07 – a net annual return of 9.4pc.

The study, published today by former economist Rob Thomas, found that landlord returns outstripped the earnings from investments in cash, stocks and shares and commercial property. In the same time-frame, commercial property investments turned £1 into £4.49. "



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