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Dear investor,

You may have noticed despite inflation dropping off those investing in property are seeing returns go from strength to strength.

  • Average rents are up 10.5% since last year.                              (Homelet Sept to Sept)
  • Average prices are also up 9.89% since the start of 2014.    (Nationwide house price data)
  • Average yields are at 6.08%.

Savings accounts are still providing limited returns, maxing out around 3% and often with capital limits on high rates.

Pensions were curbed on projecting figures from the 5%, 7%, and 9% that they had failed to make realistic. In 2014 they were forced to use 2%, 5% and 8% for projections. The pension middle ground for projections will now be 5%.

Where is your money working hardest?

If saving and pensions are being projected with 5% averages, then rental yields at 6.08% should be very appealing.

When you add the 8.1% capital average rise (Nationwide average since 1952) on top of the monthly rental income you can see where property investors are profiting well in advance of those using other savings vehicles.

Earnest Knight can look to help you double or triple your first year returns.

How much do you want?

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An informed investor is a successful investor!

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