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We are seeing reports of what could be a perfect property petri dish for investors to grow profits. Profits at such levels that have historically made property the popular topic it is today.

  • We have low, no wait, unbelievably low interest rates currently.
  • It is reported due to the global indicators there is potentially another 2 years before the base rate might begin to edge up at all.
  • Population growth adds to demand fuelling price rises.
  • Property is not being created to keep up with demand adding further fuel on the price rise fire.

All of these basic influencing factors leas to experts releasing reports that show growth in every area.

  • Savills says mainstream UK rents are likely to rise by an average of 16.5 per cent by the end of 2020 - in London, the rise will be 22.8 per cent.
  • reported this month that city house price inflation is running at 8.4 per cent per year.
  • 8.4% is more closely in line with the 8.1% historical average annual growth since the Nationwide records began in 1952.

The smart investor know these factors to be ideal for enhancing returns.

The educated smart investor will now be discussing how to maximise returns and protect them for long term income and success.

Call now to learn more about how you can benefit from the returns.

An informed investor is a successful investor!

For the current research results and the best choice of property investments, as selected by property buyers, in the UK market do not hesitate to contact your Earnest Knight Portfolio Manager today

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