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In our continuous bid to keep all of the investors and consultants at the forefront of the UK market we bring you

BREAKING NEWS UK Property Market

From the UK National Press


Buy now. Property out of London set to soar 10%


The circa 70% growth seen in London since 2009 has been well documented to the point some are forecasting the capital may have started to slow back to normal growth rates.

The rest of the country has seen normal growth but the indicators are now showing these areas outside the south east and the capital to be hotting up significantly.

Hometrack’s index of house price growth in major cities has hit 9.4% and looks to be up at 10% by December.

The accelerating recorded growth in the regions outside London and the south east are now the areas investors are looking to gain the most profit from their purchases.

Glasgow is recorded to be up 8.3%, Manchester up 7% and Liverpool up 5.1% by Homtrack.

This suggests that if you are looking to invest you should gain the best possible price as soon as possible to monopolize on the current favorable market conditions.


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Dear investor,


If after reading the above article you are one of those savvy investors that want to make the most of the historically safe and profitable UK property market but maybe because you are too busy at your own work and cannot find the time you think it’s not for you just now, do not worry:

This is where Earnest Knight Consulting excels and specializes in helping investors with thorough due diligence and selection process we implement before we commit to any deal.

This in turn helps our investors not only on the profitability side, but saves tremendous amounts of time and money in research for our clients and is one of the reasons why we are highly praised.

An informed investor is a successful investor!

For the current research results and the best choice of property investments, as selected by property buyers, in the UK market do not hesitate to contact your Earnest Knight Portfolio Manager today

Information is free and can only be of benefit to you


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