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Chancellors Autumn Statement : BTL Stamp Duty To Rise

The recently announced legislation means an extra 3% SDLT will need to be paid on all BTL properties and second homes.


This will come into force in April 2016 and could cost you thousands more when buying a BTL property!

e.g. A buy-to-let purchase of £184,000 could require you to pay an extra £5,520 from April 2016.

One measure Earnest Knight investors are taking to combat this new legislation is buying quickly.

Any property purchased before April 2016 will be unaffected by the SDLT increase, so it truly does pay to buy now!

Dear investor,

If after reading the above article you are one of those savvy investors that want to make the most of the historically safe and profitable UK property market but maybe because you are too busy at your own work and cannot find the time you think it’s not for you just now, do not worry:

This is where Earnest Knight Consulting excels and specializes in helping investors with thorough due diligence and selection process we implement before we commit to any deal.

This in turn helps our investors not only on the profitability side, but saves tremendous amounts of time and money in research for our clients and is one of the reasons why we are highly praised.

An informed investor is a successful investor!

For the current research results and the best choice of property investments, as selected by property buyers, in the UK market do not hesitate to contact your Earnest Knight Consultant today

Information is free and can only be of benefit to you

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