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In our continuous bid to keep all of the investors and consultants at the forefront of the UK market we bring you

BREAKING NEWS from the UK Property Market


Article:           “Get ready for the sub ONE PER CENT mortgage: Borrowing set to fall to lowest ever levels thanks to bank price war and rock-bottom interest rates”


Published:       Thursday, February 25th 2016

Source:           MAIL ONLINE


  • Chris Pilling, head of Yorkshire Building Society, predicted drop yesterday
  • Expects most popular two-year fixed rate mortgages to go below 1 per cent
  • Industry insiders expect price war between lenders to result drop in the rate
  • Bank Of England's record low 0.5 per cent interest rates could fall further


Mortgage rates on the most popular deals could be about to plunge below 1 per cent for the first time ever, one of Britain’s biggest lenders said yesterday.

Industry insiders are predicting rock-bottom borrowing costs due to a price war between lenders and permanently low interest rates.

It could see buyers who take out a £150,000 loan paying as little as £564 a month.

Five year fixed-rate mortgages have already edged below the 2 per cent mark, with HSBC launching a 1.99 per cent deal last month. Monthly repayments on a £150,000 loan would be £635.

The latest price war is partly down to Bank of England interest rates, which have remained stubbornly immovable at 0.5 per cent for almost seven years.

On Tuesday, the bank’s governor Mark Carney said they could yet fall even further.



Earnest Knight Consulting long term analysis:


We are consistently following the markets and monitoring the impact of announcements related to UK economy and the news regarding the potential of Bank of England cutting the rates further is not new as the notions have been lingering for a while.

An excellent indicator for our local (UK) market has been the fact that following the raise of interest rates by the Fed in USA, the Bank of England did not decide to follow but kept rates in the UK at 0.5%.

We were slightly disappointed with the way Mr Osborn’s Budget Autumn Statement has been released to the wider public, as they have not portrayed the stamp duty increase in its proper light, in our opinion.

Recent “stress tests” conducted by the Bank of England, that is monitoring our banking system in the UK closely to protect our economy, have revealed the potential for a large number of BTL (buy to let) property owners to be under stress and duress if interest rates where to rise by 3% in a very short period of time. Thus with consultation one of the opinions is that the initial increase of 3% in the stamp duty for BTL purchases could actually be an excellent safeguard for our property market as it in fact could protect 60%+ of the current BTL (buy to let) owners. Even though it is temporarily raising the barrier to entry for this very lucrative property market in the UK, it provides for longer term protection and stability.

Thus, our outlook remains very positive for the UK property market for the medium to long term.



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