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Overseas property buyers are snapping up UK property after the shock decision for the UK to leave the EU.

Here at Earnest Knight in the UK we have been swamped with calls from Chinese, Middle Eastern and US investors looking for a bargain after the pound tumbled to more than 30-year lows, making the exchange rate very favorable for foreign buyers.

Middle Eastern bank and family office representatives have already started requesting a list of properties ready for investors that would be ready to purchase at the end of Ramadan. 

New build development offerings are receiving record breaking enquiries from clients in the Middle East, Africa and the USA who are all asking about UK property.

“The sharp fall in sterling will be seen by investors from around the world as a buying opportunity”

There are no signs of the British property market “falling off the face of the earth” as some had feared it might if the UK voted to leave.

Earnest Knight consultants have had a 50% increase in the number of buyers from China and Singapore reserving properties compared to a week earlier. 

“It would seem that while a number of European buyers may be tentatively dipping their toe into post-EU property investment in Britain, those from further afield are looking to dive in head first and take advantage of the current indecision in the market due to a weaker pound” 

Buyers from the eurozone gained a €50,900 (£42,000) currency bonus on the average London house price in the wake of the referendum result


The depreciation in sterling meant the average price of a house in London now equates to just €579,200 – compared to a record high of €630,100 in November 2015.

“European buyers can now snap up real bargains across the UK. Overnight the UK has become a more affordable global property hotspot”

Increasing concern over the stability of the eurozone may be on the mind of wealthy families around Europe. Some of these wealthy investors are looking to put their money in property in London.

“If you look back to 2008, central London property benefited enormously from people wanting to put their money in a stable asset in a sterling currency”

Should you buy? If you spent a good deal of time trying to find the right property you should go ahead with the transaction.

 “We've seen that the types of buyers who are buying for an attempt at short term gain hold looking for the possibility of a dip in the market, but those looking for long term wealth creation have been quite nonchalant to this premise as ‘we buy under the market value so factor in the possibility of short term fluctuations in our long term returns strategies’” 

“Buyers, whether they are owner occupiers or professional investors, need to remember that long term, property is the still best performing investment asset class around,”

 “The huge shortage of property against strong domestic driven demand in the UK has not changed overnight just because of Brexit.”


Remember the fact that since the last In/Out EU Referendum in June 1975, property values in Britain have risen by 1750.93%


An informed investor is a successful investor!

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