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Top 5 reasons to look at new property investment strategies


The media has been on fire in the past year reporting a variety of major changes to the private rental sector.

The following 5 alone are cause enough to re examine your own strategy to ensure future profits.





From 2018 all rented out homes will need to have a minimum grade of E before being let. This could mean a bill for costly energy efficiency improvements is pending shortly.




The increase of stamp duty by 3% is a bitter pill to swallow.


More Tax!


The income tax changes that remove full mortgage interest tax relief against rent are mid phase in and reducing landlords profits.


Interest rates


The bank of England appears to be preparing for rate rises. The effect on London Landlords in particular could prove disastrous.




Regulatory changes that make it tougher to dish out mortgages will impede portfolio growth as lenders look at your whole portfolio and force landlord with 4 or more properties to use portfolio finance from a single lender.


Lenders from later this week will be looking at you and your entire portfolio before deciding what they will lend taking into account but not limited to:


    Your property investment experience

    The total amount of your mortgage borrowing across all properties

    Your assets and liabilities, including tax liability

    The merits of any new lending in context of your existing buy to let portfolio together with your business plan

    Historical and future expected cash flow from your portfolio

    Your income both from property and elsewhere


It is not all doom and gloom


For non institutional or large portfolio landlords simple BTL still provides returns that are beating all other asset classes. There are also emerging opportunities to continue growing your portfolio for the bigger portfolio owners in a way that banks believe to be safe and profitable so they are happy to continue lending.

Fo new or smaller portfolio owners there is still an abundance of profit to be made too there are simply changes and an evolution of an industry to accommodate while building your portfolio. This is also inspiring new investment strategies and products which look to make investors like you great returns and often with simplicity in mind.


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An informed investor is a successful investor!

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